Thursday, May 20, 2010

Chicago: More Dangerous Than Iraq?

Chicago, that bright and shining example of leftist ideology, is now more dangerous than Iraq.

A police officer, back from two tours in Iraq, was murdered in front of his home, where some thugs were trying to steal his motorcycle. In front of his father. T


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Nick Rowe said...

I'm so glad you brought this up. I was going to write about it but I have been very busy.

The mayor of Chicago went ballistic when a reporter asked him about the city's gun control policy. The mayor said that this murder is exactly why they needed gun control.

But the city HAS gun control and it did absolutely NOTHING to stop these thugs from getting guns and committing this murder. DOH!

Moreover, this off-duty cop could have (and should have) had his firearm on him. This could have at least given him a fighting chance which is more than your average Chicago citizen gets.

Note well that the cop's father, a retired cop, showed up with his gun and shot the perp. Now, retired cops seem to be strangely endowed with the supernatural ability to own firearms in Chicago even though they are no longer cops. If they had left the force before retirement, they'd have no such benefit.

So what gives retired cops in the city a privilege of safety that the rest of the law-abiding citizens don't have?

To sum this up:

1. Bad guys had guns despite gun control.
2. Good guy without a gun gets killed.
3. Another good guy with a gun who is NOT a cop, shoots said bad guy and ends the violent episode.

This story has repeated itself so many times, it's almost an NRA ad.