Friday, October 30, 2009


If I have a choice of something being one of two ways, shouldn't that, statistically, mean that I should "get it right" around 50% of the time? Why, then, when I'm unravelling my earbuds to listen to some tunes, do I end up with the left earbud in my right hand around 95% of the time?

Friday, October 2, 2009

No Chicago Olympics

Good. I didn't want the Olympics 60 miles from home. I think it's a colossal waste of time, money and real estate.

I mention this, because I mentioned, "No Chicago Olympics" to a "friend" here at my day job. I added, "It's a good thing Obama spent all that time, money and effort."

To which he replied, and I am not making this up, "That's no worse that Bush did."

Wow. I thought that having elected the Saviour, himself, we would be past the Bush Derangement Syndrome, by now.

But, then he added, to reinforce how wrong, I apparently am, "All you Republicans are the same."

Wow, I guess I've been told.

I give. There is no hope.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Roman Polanski

So, Whoopi Goldberg thinks that what Roman Polanski did to that 13 year old girl isn't "rape, rape."

Interesting defense. I wonder if it'll work in other situations:
  • I wasn't "speeding, speeding."
  • I wasn't "cheating, cheating."
  • I wasn't "stealing, stealing."
  • I wasn't "fighting, fighting."
  • I wasn't "killing, killing."
  • I wasn't "racing, racing."
  • I wasn't "drunk driving, drunk driving."

Let's get this straight, when you are 44 years old, and you get a 13 year old girl drunk, give her illicit drugs, and force yourself upon her while she says, "no, no," that is RAPE, RAPE! There is no other way to explain it.