Monday, February 15, 2010

Gas Line Antifreeze?

I was working at my part time job yesterday, restocking the shelves at a major auto parts store chain. One of the proucts I was restocking, was gas line antifreeze, brand name "Heet." I live and work in the heart of the winter wonderland. I wondered to myself, as I often do, who buys this stuff, anymore?

Due to cost cutting measures, and pushed by "environmental concerns," you would be extremely hard pressed to find and purchase gasoline that is not at least 10% alcohol. So, if your car holds 20 gallons of fuel, 2 gallons of that is alcohol.

Do you know what gas line antifreeze is? Alcohol. So, if you add the 12 ounce bottle of "Heet" to your 20 gallons of fuel, you will have raised the alcohol content by - 12 ounces, or .05%, to 10.05%.

So, my question is this, if you've already paid for 2 gallons of alcohol, why would you spend another couple of bucks to add 12 ounces more?

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